Barmen’s Association of Cuba: Tradition and Professionalism

Every time a traveler arrives in Cuba and asks for a drink of local taste, he automatically gets in touch this way with the country’s history, sugar cane world, and the professional area of barmen.

Besides the existing connection among sugar, rum, and cocktails, it is important to take into account the high level of professionalism of barmen as well as the history of their association that gathers them. Many tourists feel attracted towards knowing the history of the group.

The Barmen’s Association of Cuba was created since 1999. Initially, it was negotiated in 1998 the so called Club de Cantineros de Cuba (Cuban barmen club) since it was the name of a renown association created in 1924 that was very prestigious during several decades.

This old organization created at the beginning of XX century was one of the very first professional associations of its type ever founded even at international level.

This group also trains professors for other tourism schools that give assistance when presenting a drink to those indecisive visitors in order to open a direct and better relation with Cuba and its inhabitants.

That is the reason why, at present, the association is represented in the majority of Cuban provinces, and mainly in those having tourism facilities -8 in total.

Besides that the great feast for the senses which constitutes the fact of taking a walk for Cuban bars and restaurants, the association wants to break a Guinness record regarding cocktail making.

According to a first announcement, it could be known that the barmen of this association plan to make a very special cocktail by the end of the summer of 2008. Although it was announced that they will make the world’s greatest drink, spokespersons of the professional institution have pointed out that will soon define the kind of record they intend to break.

On the other hand, the president of the Barmen’s Association of Cuba (ACC, Spanish acronym) Pedro Leonel Medina has at the appropriate time commented that this extraordinary event will take place as part of the activities of the XII Pan-American Championship of Cocktail of Havana in 2008. It is remarkable to say that Cuba won the venue of the event thanks to the skills and professionalism of its barmen during the last years.

In addition, these days it is celebrated the 130th anniversary of the existence of the emblematic Cuban rum Havana Club, one of the world’s finest that sells at present more than two million boxes a year.

So that, the association will have to do its best this summer in order to accomplish all its goals, and especially when the activities involve a great amount of tourists in it. This will be a great party that will call either foreigner or national citizen’s attention due to its colorful atmosphere and traditionalism.

As a curiosity, Cuba has a wide receipt book of cocktails –more than 400 ones, which are very refreshing having light rum as main ingredient. It is a real Cuban feast for the senses, really magical, aromatic, delicious and imaginative.


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