Jardines del Rey, a Marvelous Cuban Landscape!

Cuban nature counts on a wide amount of really marvelous places, protected and arranged for the demanding traveler. A truly feast for the senses and active vacations.

A paradise site of the Cuban geography such as Cayo Coco is still the main attraction for tourists from all over the world, so have stated the tourism professionals that manage the Island as a destination.

Spokesperson from different tour operator agencies, pointed out right in time the values of that area in the Cuban middle-north region, with its unique place in the likes of thousand of people from the five continents, despite the fact that the western beach resort of Varadero is the most known of the Cuban leisure industry.

A magical paradise, a Cuban celebration, as said by specialists, a cay of 370 squared kilometers, featuring lonely beaches and the intact memory of the way that land might have been in the origin.

There are legends and real facts and some of it was registered in the book Islas en el Golfo by the U.S. sailor and writer Ernest Hemingway who examined the place in a search for adventures.

The area was named by the tourism authorities as Jardines del Rey, after the first name (Diego Velásquez, 1522), honoring the Spanish King at that moment Fernando El Católico, due to the fact that sailors inquired in nature and used to write in their diaries.

Cayo Coco is part of the Cuban province of Ciego de Ávila, more than 400 kilometres to the East of Havana, the Cuban capital; it is the main province where the carriers depart from.

The journey is interesting, all along a road of 17 kilometers with the sea to both sides. Cuban people call this path “Pedraplén” as it is made of stones and land, with some bridges in order to protect the ecology and the fish.

There, around 15 thousand species of pink flamingos live in the low bottoms of the sea, perfect glances for taking pictures. In the area dwell 200 species of birds and 340 of flora.

The heat is always a company, between 28 and 30 degrees centigrade, most of the year. Some shoreline stretches feature shoals, although there are other sites with a low water level reaching the ankle. The place hosts a very well preserved coral reef which offers the best for experts and pupils.

Surrounding Cayo Coco, there are Cayo Guillermo, Paredón Grande and other islets that belong to the Sabana-Camagüey Archipelago formed by more than two thousand islets all along 465 kilometers, between the Hicacos Peninsula and the Bahía de Nuevitas (Cuban eastern part).

Authorities in the Island anticipate 33 thousand potential hotel rooms and there is currently a third of that amount functioning. This is one of the most demanded places by the foreign visitor, due to the possibility of combining a rest with all modern capabilities and, at the same time, diving, trekking, nature watching, and other active modalities in an almost pristine land.



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