Book Havana hotels for International Book Fair!

There is still plenty of time to book Havana hotels ahead of one of the city’s best loved festivals in February. The International Book Fair Havana 2012 promises to be a must see event for literature fans, as it takes place in the city from February 11th-18th.Visitors need to make their way to the old Spanish fortification San Carlos de La Cabana for what is described as one of the biggest book parties in the world. Next year’s fair will be dedicated to the cultures of the various Caribbean countries. Dexter Rose, ambassador of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in Cuba, revealed that a number of publications written by Caribbean authors are to be translated and published during the event. It recently emerged that a new community garden has been opened on Lower Bridge Road, adding to the city’s growing number of outdoor spaces.




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2 responses to “Book Havana hotels for International Book Fair!

  1. Lugo

    A lot of people, a lot of books! I really love this fair.

  2. I went to a previous one and it was great !! Good idea to book Hoteles in advance

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