El Meson de la Flota hotel, Inspired by the Sea

El Meson de la Flota hotel, Inspired by the Sea.  Havana has much to do with the sea. It will almost be impossible for their inhabitants to live away from seeing the blue waters of the sea.

It has always been a place for shipping. In times of the Spanish colonization, it was plenty of sailing ships. Even there were built warships of enormous size for the epoch on the banks of its river.

The presence of sea is all around. The sound of the waves and its spray seem to be a perennial memory that pervades local people as well as visitor’s thoughts. That is the reason why, among others, visiting Havana can be a magical, colorful experience worthy to be lived. So we are talking about a perfect feast for the senses plenty of cultural taste.

Logically, this relation has had always a profound impact on houses. Houses in Havana, mainly the closest to the sea, have a salt residue cover and they fell asleep lulled by the sound of the water.

That is the reason why this spirituality is perceived by the visitor that comes to the city from all over the world, mainly by the most observant persons.

In this case, it is remarkable to mention a very particular pirate-inspired place which relives those times of a harbor plenty of sailing boats or of the presence of the Spanish fleet for taking away the treasures from the New World to the metropolis.

This place that offers food, drink, and accommodation services in Old Havana is named El Mesón de la Flota. It is operated by Habaguanex S.A. touristic group.

This place’s design is inspired in the colonial tradition of Cuban capital if we take a look at its decoration: navigation flags, crude tables and chairs, among others. It is probably due to a purpose of reminding the old sites in which sailors used to drink and eat.

Supported by the Spanish embassy, El Mesón opened its doors having as slogan the sentence `4 thousand nautical mile away the departure`, referring to Spain.

Having room for 86 persons for dinner, this two-story house has five bedrooms in the second floor. Although this place has been located at other sites of Havana, it has always had the same name and the wish of serving to its clients.

This place is located at 257 Mercaderes street between Amargura and Teniente Rey streets. Its precious wood front doors allow the visitor to have a perfect view from inside the place of the street.

This is one of more than 100 shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, and guesthouses operated by Habaguanex S.A.

The Havana’s historian himself, Eusebio Leal Spengler, participated in the opening ceremony of this place where he highlighted the efforts made in order to put it at the service of tourists who enjoy visiting such a place for drinking a glass of wine combined with cheese and other kinds of food.

Old Havana is one of the most visited places of Cuba. It is 4 and a half square kilometers large and was declared World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1982. And El Mesón is another of its special places.


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  1. elvilly

    Have the refurbishment been completed?. If not, how can we know reopening dates?

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