Hotel Florida, Cuban Distinguished Accommodations

Old Havana is characterized by having good accommodations, plenty of intimacy, beauty, and first-class services. Besides that, they are pretty closed to interesting places that invite the visitor to take pictures and to spend a great time.

Among those charming accommodations the tourist may find the four-stars Hotel Florida, one of Havana’s most historic places for been one of the first hotels built in San Cristobal de la Habana, full name of the Cuban capital.

Hotel Florida has 25 rooms. Four of them are suites, while the other 21 are standard rooms. The place exudes comfort through and through. Its most refinement site is the restaurant La Floridana with sixty capacities for dinner and ten benches at its bar. Besides that, the hotel comprises a lobby bar and a piano bar whose name, Maragato, pays homage to a famous barman.

In this piano bar, the visitor may listen to Cuban rhythms, especially boleros, at night. These Cuban rhythms draw the attention of many foreigners.

This hotel is also an important place for businessmen meetings, wine tasting, and presentations of products. It is remarkable its stained-glass window at the upper part, second in size because the largest one decorates the ceiling of the hotel’s main staircase.

This hotel opened to the public in 1899 and since that very moment, it has drawn the attention of, mainly, British, French, German and the US tourists.

It is a very quiet, colonial-times decorations place. It is full of large-size iron lamps and light-color armchairs. At its yard, guests use to seat for reading in the evenings or in the early mornings.

It seems a little hard to imagine that Obispo Street, one of Havana’s most crowded ways, is located just some steps away, as well as the Plaza de Armas, place of foundation of Havana in November 16th, 1519.

Apart from the comfort and other advantages of present times, history gives a special touch to this building located on the corner of Obispo and Cuba streets, having its main entrance in Obispo Street.

According to some sources, it is said that this hotel was built in 1836 and it was the residence of remarkable businessmen of that time. Among them, it can be mentioned the count of San Ignacio as well as the wealthy and paramount Spanish count José Eugenio Moré.

It first became lodge in 1885 under the aegis of Don José Dobano who adopted the comfort of the US and European hotels of that time.

As a hotel, it stops working in 1950 because it was rented to the Compañía Nacional de Industria y Comercio and after some transformations the Banco de Fomento Comercial S.A. was settled there.

After that, it was abandoned and lost all its charm until it was repaired anew. People also say that some blocks away this place it used to be a very popular bar, as it was near the Hotel Florida’s bar, people named the other bar the Floridita. And this is the origin of famous bar Floridita´s name.

Hotel Florida is a magical, perfect place. It is ready for receiving the most demanding visitor looking for the real Cuban feast that also means travelling, meditating, and having a good accommodation. This is a place to dream.


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