Rum Museum of Old Havana, Cuba

Taking advantages of the delicious taste of alcoholic beverages obtained from sugar cane, the Rum Museum of Old Havana celebrates every of its Havana Club Nights with drinks that probe its connection with the Cuban culture.

The managers of this institution always highlight their full speed plans addressed to visitors from all over the world, whenever they have the possibility of participating in international fairs for the promotion of products.

This is a very attractive place, a real Cuban feast for the senses. The museum has an art gallery as well. It actively exchanges Cuban art works with other countries.

Havana Club art gallery –located at the first floor of the house- exhibits paintings of renowned Cuban contemporary artists such as Choco, Mendive, Kcho, Diago, Nelson Domínguez, Moisés Finalé, among others.

The museum receives thousands of visitors every year since its foundation in March 31st, 2000. Although its main purpose is to promote Cuban rum productions in general, it focuses on Cuba’s most prestigious rum trademark: Havana Club.

It opens from Monday to Saturday and hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Nevertheless, it has some other musical and joy attractions such as the bar-restaurant – opened from 8:00 p.m. to midnight- that is increasingly booming as time goes by.

At present, the place offers a very special attraction for visitors from all over the world who come to Cuba to enjoy its singularities: Havana Club nights; which highlight the qualities of Cuban rums because every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the weeks are devoted to Cuban most popular drinks Cuba Libre, Mojito, and Daiquirí, respectively.

Mojito drink is at the middle of attention, probably due to its fascinating, light taste. It got its name by a kind of sauce made with crushed garlic and lemon juice that is used for dressing traditional dishes. Probably, the drink got its name due to the fact that when preparing it, it is necessary to crush mint leaves with lemon juice too.

The museum occupies an old colonial building that dates from XVIII century that belonged to Count of La Mortera since 1959. After the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution, it served to a shipping company and then to the Culture Ministry. In addition, it became Casa del Joven Creador, and finally, the Rum Museum of Cuba. It is situated at the Avenida del Puerto, on the corner of Sol street, in Old Havana.  

At present, it is a social, cultural, artistic center. For example, this place has been the venue for celebrating the 50th anniversary of the creation of “Tú mi delirio”, by worldwide known composer César Portillo de la Luz. Or it has welcomed the attendees of some editions of the International Ballet Festival of Havana. Or simply it has organized concerts performed by popular traditional orchestras.

That is the reason why its employees always express that the main goal of this institution is to boost the knowledge of Cuban history, culture, traditions, and so forth, throughout one of its loved products: Havana Club rum.

Visiting this place constitutes a magical, fascinating experience for the visitor.

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  1. Ertoni

    I wanna have a nice Havana Club rum as a birthday present!

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