Cayo Largo del Sur: Cuban Journey to the Origins

There are plenty of leisure choices in Cuba, but the most remarkable are those related to nature, with many sceneries so well protected that could easily show the origin of the Island, with the most autochthonous nuances and the best preserved flora and fauna.
That is why, Cayo Largo del Sur, in the southern region of Cuban, continues to maintain its condition of being one of the most appealing sites in Cuba, handled by many travel agencies and with permanent flights.
According to official reports from the Cuban authorities, this place –in the archipelago of Los Canarreos and with a total surface of 37 squared kilometers and plenty of beaches- allows the visitor to know the nature as it used to be in the origins.
Cayo Largo del Sur has the virtue and the privilege of featuring adjacent cays such as Cayo Rico, Cayo Cantiles, Cayo Iguana; also of unique beauty formed by the Isla de la Juventud, the archipelago of Los Canarreos.
This tourist pole counts on a hotel plant of more than a thousand rooms with the All Included system, and perfect choices even for those who are more demanding.
This site is known due to this hotel plant and its excellent services, a perfect Cuban feast in places such as Sol Cayo Largo hotel and Sol Pelicano, both four stars category, with 304 and 307 rooms respectively, with a management contract to Sol Meliá.
In addition to this, the four stars category Barceló Cayo largo Beach Resort with 306 rooms is another novelty in the spot, with a management contract to the Spanish chain of the same name.
We can also add the Hotel Complex Isla del Sur and its villas with a total of 191 rooms mainly 3 stars category along with the Villa Lindamar of 53 rooms and four stars. And finally, the Villa Marinera of 16 rooms.
Nevertheless, this Cuban feast of leisure comprises as another feature the fact that the commercialization of this place is in hand of the main travel and tourist agencies that manage tourism in the Island, in order to please in a truly interesting journey.
There is an International Air Terminal in Cayo Largo with a landing strip of three thousand meters that allows the operation of all kinds of aircrafts, with room for six large airplanes and three average size.
The airport is designed to receive a million passengers a year, with characteristics that allow to offer services for 500 visitors by now, domestic flights are also received daily as well from Havana and Varadero, with visitors and tourists for overnight.
And since the sea is a favorite enchant, the most interesting facilities are the marina and the international dock with room for 96 docking spots for motor yachts, sailing boats and catamarans.
Especially, the water sports is one of the main active rest in the place. The contemplative diving counts on incomparable spots where the clearness of the waters catch the demanding diver’s eye, as well as it shows an excellent marine biodiversity.

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